Legacy Modernization

Legacy Modernization (i.e. technology transformation) is the practice of upgrading or adopting new technology systems, platforms, and software solutions to meet the needs of today’s organizations. Legacy Modernization is often undertaken by the CIO and drives tactical benefits to the organization, including more up-time, faster fixes, increased response times, improved end-user experience, and many other benefits of modern systems. The technology team is responsible for working with business counterparts to understand the business needs and define the correct solution and technology tools to best meet those needs. In many pure legacy modernization efforts, the business partnership is down-played, often resulting in systems that don’t drive the expected business value.

There are several key concepts in business transformation and legacy modernization efforts to consider. These efforts can be managed solely by an organization, implemented with shared responsibility, or outsourced completely to another vendor.

  • Alignment of Business Needs with Information Technology
  • Digital Strategy and Technology Roadmap
  • Technologies and Data Tool Selections and Implementations
  • Program Management and Quality Assurance Programs
  • Insource/Outsource – Internal Staff and Vendor Partner Evaluation and Selection
  • Organizational Readiness, Change Management and Training
Services Offered:
  • Advisory
  • Assessments
  • Staffing