Staff Training Model

The Loblolly training model is comprised of three components:

Onboarding Training

Loblolly trains consultants before they get to your site so they are ready to work on day one and can immediately become an asset to your team. Our onboarding training provides the right mix of on-site training to ensure you get consultants who fit in with your culture, perform administrative tasks seamlessly, and possess the right knowledge to come up to speed quickly — methodologies, frameworks, software programs, technology systems, and more.

Mentoring & Coaching

Training doesn’t stop with onboarding. Unlike most staffing companies, Loblolly provides mentoring and coaching throughout the engagement. On-site Team Leads work with consultants on a regular basis to explain context and history, illustrate concepts, and provide feedback and guidance.

Knowledge Sharing

You get the benefit of a broad range of experience at multiple clients and on a wide range of projects. Loblolly actively encourages and supports knowledge sharing between consultants as a means of continuous learning and to help create innovative solutions and drive successful project outcomes. Whether you are working with one consultant or many, you can leverage the knowledge of the entire team.