Information Management

At Loblolly, we view Information Management as an organizational capability that is essential for the management and execution of a modern organization.

Most organizations have spent years developing ways to collect and store data. We help business and technology teams use those investments and transition to enterprise-aware, data-assisted processes that are faster, of higher quality and better meet the needs of their customers.

To deliver these capabilities, our experts use a governance approach to combine business expertise with state of the art technology and best practices.

Data Governance

Strong data management and governance drive efficiency, support innovation, and improve enterprise maturity. Loblolly has the experience and knowledge needed to help plan and deploy comprehensive data governance for organizations of any size.

Data Integration

Integrating data from multiple systems reduces the costs of legacy system maintenance and duplication of effort, allowing you to leverage technology investments to streamline processes and improve analytic capabilities to make better decisions more quickly.

Data Warehousing

Loblolly has extensive experience building data warehousing systems that integrate multiple data sources to enable advanced analytics through alternative data collections and views, improve the performance of complex queries without impacting operational systems, maintain comprehensive data histories of source systems, and increase data quality.

Analytics & Visualization

Loblolly specializes in modern analytics. Our consultants turn data investments into valuable business information by documenting and developing enterprise strategy, assessing tools, and executing proof of concept projects. Our consultants can assist with key technology decisions like cloud models, designing for information access, and ensuring information policy compliance.