Business Transformation

Some clients engage us to help with Business Transformation efforts which may include organizational analysis, strategic plans, and roadmaps. These engagements are more strategic than tactical.

Organizational readiness assessments are iterative cycles of Assessing, Planning, Implementing, and Enabling organizational change. Organizational change efforts can be focused, such as implementing a new department or business function. Or the efforts can be broad and far reaching involving creation and realignment of several business areas, technology systems, or large-scale business processes. For each engagement Loblolly harvests the client’s keen vision for their business to develop the optimal strategy to drive results. Loblolly ensures that business goals, objectives, and internal and external constraints are well defined and understood to frame and develop the strategic plan and roadmap. Our framework assumes the recommendations and roadmaps we generate will be implemented iteratively and are therefore, practical and thoughtful. Loblolly has become very skilled at separating and/or combining assessment, analysis, and strategic planning activities to produce the correct value and level of detail to solve the immediate request and prepare for next steps effectively.

Legacy Modernization (i.e. technology transformation) is the practice of upgrading or adopting new technology systems, platforms, and software solutions to meet the needs of today’s organizations.

There are several key concepts in business transformation and legacy modernization efforts to consider. These efforts can be managed solely by an organization, implemented with shared responsibility, or outsourced completely to another vendor.

  • Alignment of Business Needs with Information Technology
  • Digital Strategy and Technology Roadmap
  • Technologies and Data Tool Selections and Implementations
  • Program Management and Quality Assurance Programs
  • Insource/Outsource – Internal Staff and Vendor Partner Evaluation and Selection
  • Organizational Readiness, Change Management and Training

Business Management Team roles include Program and Project Managers, Business Analysts, Quality Assurance Analysts (testers), Technical Writers, Trainers, and Change Managers.