Deliverables Based (DBITS)

Loblolly Consulting, a Texas Certified HUB, is pleased to be one of the vendors selected to contract with the State of Texas through the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) to provide Deliverables-Based Information Technology Services to Texas State and Local governments (Contract No. DIR-CPO-4946).

DBITS contracts provide for deliverables-based, outsourced systems integration or application development projects, requiring acceptance of Statement of Work (SOW) and authorization for payment of milestone tasks. Loblolly is one of the few preapproved and authorized local HUBs to work under DBITS SOWs or contracts under the following DBITS categories offered through DIR.  DIR DBITS Program Overview.

DBITS does not provide for temporary IT staff augmentation services on a time (hourly) basis. Clients can use our DIR ITSAC contract for staff augmentation services.

Using this contract vehicle, Texas State and Local government agencies can streamline and reduce time in procuring and contracting for deliverables-based information technology services. Agencies can negotiate and contract directly with Loblolly for deliverables-based information technology services with a contract value of less than $5 million.

Loblolly has been awarded DBITS contracts for each of the following technology categories. Within each Technology Category listed below, first a definition of services is given. In the second paragraph, examples are given. The list of examples is not meant to be the exclusive list but rather general indications of the types of services within a given Category. Other services that may not be detailed or listed as examples, but which adhere to the definition for each Category, are also within scope.

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How to Contract (obtain a Proposal and issue a PO)

Contract No. DIR-CPO-4946
DBITS Ordering Process

DBITS Ordering Process Requirement
Customer is required to reference DIR contract number DIR-CPO-4946 when placing Purchase Orders.

Warranty and Returns
This contract is a services contract only and does not have associated Warranty and Return policies.

For Quotes, Purchase Orders and Warranty Information please contact:

Loblolly Consulting
Jerry Malott (
1401 Lavaca St., #624, Austin, TX 78701
phone – 512.771.3745
fax – 512.320.8584

Vendor ID: 1205158007900
HUB Number: 48032

Texas Department of Information ResourcesServices available under this Contract are limited to the deliverables-based information technology services Technology Categories as specified on this site. This Contract is part of the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) Cooperative Contracts Program.

Statement of Work (SOW) / Purchase Order Issuance
  1. In order to be awarded a Purchase Order hereunder, Vendor must respond, in writing, to a Statement of Work (SOW) for services as issued by Customers, consistent with the Terms and Conditions of this Contract. Vendor shall only respond to SOWs for Technology Categories which Vendor has been awarded in this Contract. Customer SOWs must be complete, signed by an authorized representative of Customer and must be in the standard form for this contract.  Vendor understands that no work under any SOW issued by Customer shall commence until receipt of a Purchase Order.
  2. Service provided under this Contract shall be based on the SOW. Customers may negotiate the terms and conditions of a SOW to suit their business needs, so long as the SOW terms and conditions do not conflict with or weaken the terms of this Contract.  Vendor shall perform its work in compliance with this Contract and the agreed upon SOW with Customer.
  3. For state agencies, the value of any one SOW may not exceed $5 million including all extensions, renewals and change orders. The value may not exceed $10 million for eligible voluntary customers.

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