Analysis & Decision Support

Loblolly has experience with industry-standard evaluation methods. Loblolly also has experience in selecting the most appropriate method based on the defined problem:

Business Case – Loblolly produces qualitative and financial information to describe and justify large-scale changes.

Solution Analysis – Loblolly performs comparisons of systems, applications, and platforms to determine the most efficient and cost-effective way to realize your organization’s goals.

Build v. Buy – Loblolly evaluates cost of ownership to determine the best path between custom development, product purchase, or a hybrid option.

Vendor Evaluations – Loblolly can help your team decide which vendor provides the most value based on services, cost, experience, culture fit, and many other factors.

GAP Analysis – Loblolly can uncover the missing processes, functions, and/or components of systems, business processes, policies, and roles to help you create a plan to close the gap.

Product Selection – Loblolly conducts product comparisons to determine best features and functions that best meet your organizations requirements and needs.

SLAs and KPIs – Loblolly can help your team define critical measurements and metrics that measure output, performance, and help uncover areas for improvement.

Stackholders, Resources, Process, Technology, Performance Cycle

Are we effectively communicating with our stakeholders?

How are my resources being consumed?

What are my risks across the program?

Are my projects on time, on schedule, and within scope? Are they achieving planned benefits?

What systems and applications can we use to manage our projects and programs?

Do we have the right resources on each effort? Are they trained/certified?

Do we use internal or external resources?

Are we reducing costs by standardization and streamlining?

How well defined are our process and delivery methodologies?

Are we doing the right things to succeed? How do we improve?