Change Management

At Loblolly, Change Management means activating the value of your business transformation for your user community. Many organizations spend millions to implement a new enterprise system, adopt a new dev ops tool, or integrate a new program for project portfolio management without planning and executing sufficient training and support. This lack of training and support results in wasted effort, re-training, unnecessary loss of productivity, and a lack of confidence in the new system and processes.

Loblolly has years of experience providing training for direct users, supervisors, managers, and directors. We have developed knowledge-transfer programs that consider varied learning styles and content delivery modes to ensure everyone receives only what they need to know in a cost-effective and timely manner. These programs include live or virtual classroom training, e-learning, documentation (manuals and guides), online support sites, and many others. Loblolly deploys successful knowledge transfer by knowing how to combine these modes to reach the most people in your varied audiences.

Using organizational change management frameworks such as ADKAR (Awareness, Design, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement), Loblolly ensures your organization is ready to make the most of your business and IT investments, and help your users become top performers in their new world.

Change Management Process: Initial Training, Performance Support, Independent Learning, Refresher Training