Project Management

Loblolly provides excellent project management services to match your company needs, from managing an individual project, grouping related initiatives and groups under defined programs, aligning projects into a portfolio to align with strategic goals, to setting up a Project Management Office.

Effective Project Management can often be the difference between whether a project is successful or not. Project managers make sure the team is focused and working towards the same goals by:

  • Defining the steps to build a plan
  • Involving the right people at the right times
  • Keeping stakeholders informed throughout the process
  • Escalating and solving issues
  • Ensuring that budget, timelines, and deliverables are met

Program Management is the coordination and alignment of multiple related projects and their outcomes under one team to achieve organizational goals and benefits:

  • Increases the likelihood of reaching organizational goals
  • Increases positive outcomes by managing interdependencies between various project and operational initiatives
  • Effectively manages resources

Portfolio Management concentrates on the strategic goals and focus of the organization, and on aligning projects to achieve those goals by orchestrating, prioritizing, and analyzing the potential value from a set of projects.

Loblolly can also create and manage a Project Management Office that encompasses all aspects of project management.