Dev Ops and App Change Control

We use industry best practices and highly-skilled teams with demonstrated experience to manage critical infrastructure and processes through deliberate, transparent action and focused effort so our clients can focus on the core business at hand.

We offer processes and an approach that helps our clients to build a DevOps culture and enable cutting edge, highly valuable capabilities like Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery / Continuous Deployment (CD) – CI/CD. Our focused efforts assist clients in implementing automation in testing & verification, code deployment, security, and pipeline management.

Our expertise in approach, architecture, and development methodologies ensures our clients benefit from their investment and they achieve the highest levels of performance for their stakeholders. Loblolly recognizes the importance of modernizing IT operations in conjunction with application modernization, and we specialize in the deployment of DevOps organizations in conjunction with modernized application deployments.

Services Offered:
  • Advisory
  • Assessments
  • Staffing