Business Management

Loblolly has a robust practice for business management. Our goal is to assist in the early stages of projects, organizational changes or major program initiation. From Program Management Office implementation to very specialized program analysis, Loblolly can engage through our array of services.

Project Management

We tailor our methodology based on the the specific goals, objectives, risks, and complexities of each individual project, and we provide project management office (PMO) services to help our clients create, implement, or improve a project management office to support program and project management efforts.

Analysis & Decision Support

Loblolly performs comprehensive discovery and research to provide the information needed to make program, system, and business change decisions. Loblolly employs industry-standard evaluation methods to clarify the direction of your group’s efforts towards the achievement of your strategy and vision.

Business Transformation

Loblolly provides strategic planning services by conducting organizational analysis and business and technology assessments to analyze problems, needs, systems and organizational environments to inform and develop recommended solutions and roadmaps.

Business & IT Assessments

Assessments and Planning include a wide range of activities to assist business or technical teams from idea to final deployment. Our goal is to help you do what you do better.

Technology Implementation Partnerships

Loblolly helps our clients successfully plan, implement, and deploy business and technology projects. We offer a wide range of application support services including program and project management, requirements analysis and management, software testing, and application support and maintenance.

Change Management

To ensure that you get the most out of your investments in new technology, Loblolly uses a combination of knowledge transfer modes such as live or virtual classroom training, elearning, documentation (manuals and guides), online support sites, etc., to reach the most people in your varied audiences.



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Portfolio Management

Program / Project Management



Financial Tracking

Demand Management

Legacy Modernization

Analysis and Decision Support

Business Case

Solution Analysis

Build v. Buy

Vendor Evaluations

GAP Analysis

Product Selection

SLAs and KPIs

Business Transformation

Strategic Vision

Organizational Alignment

Business & IT Assessments

Planning & Roadmaps


Business Process Analysis & Redesign

Technology Oversight and Support

Program / Project Management

Legacy Modernization

System and Architecture Design

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Change Management

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