Taking a Comprehensive Approach to Improve Future State Architecture

The Client

Tableau engaged Loblolly to help an energy provider who needed assistance with upgrading their Tableau Server.

The Problem

As a Tableau partner, Loblolly has developed a deep knowledge of the Tableau platform. We provide services specifically designed to ensure clients get the most from their Tableau investments. The client’s server environment had not been upgraded since initial deployment in 2016. Given the significant improvements and changes to the Tableau Platform, the client believed the effort was somewhat risky and wanted an experienced partner to perform the activity.

The Solution

Using our knowledge and expertise of the Tableau platform, we planned a multi-stage upgrade process and created a process manual detailing out the steps to execute. Due to the clients’ highly rigorous security policies, Loblolly did not have access to the production servers or network. We worked with the client to devise a plan to use the upgrade process documentation and oversee the client in the upgrade process, which required a highly coordinated partnership across the team.

Loblolly worked with the team to first upgrade the client’s test environment using the effort as a practice run of the procedures and processes. This practice run uncovered several technical issues that the team was able to identify and resolve before the actual production upgrade.

The Team

Loblolly assigned a certified Tableau staff consultant and met with the client to plan the effort. Using Loblolly methodologies, processes, and templates the Loblolly consultant was able to establish a clear definition of the project objectives and document the client’s technical environments. Using our standard processes, we clearly described the process to the client, defined roles and responsibilities, and established a schedule for the upgrade.

The Results

The team successfully upgraded our client’s production environment without incident. Loblolly’s detailed procedures, technical engagement resulted in 100% user acceptance and the satisfaction of the client. Using our expertise in Tableau and its supporting documentation, we were able to produce reusable procedures and provide knowledge transfer requested by the client.

What's Next

Loblolly produced an upgrade procedure document that could be used by existing staff so they could perform future upgrades on their own.  We continue to support this client through our free Tableau Doctor sessions that are available to public sector staff who need assistance.