Strategic Analysis and Implementation Assessment for Transportation IT Systems

The Client

Finance division responsible for tracking construction project oversight in a transportation government agency

The Problem

This finance division needed to upgrade from an Electronic Content Management (ECM) system on Microsoft SharePoint 2013 that managed access to alternative project delivery files and data. In addition to the system being increasingly difficult to use and maintain, the division was up against a deadline: an exemption allowing the division to continue operating the ECM outside of the agency-managed information management environment was running out in 2022. Instead of simply migrating the system as is, the finance division wanted to upgrade the system to introduce data analytics, improve the user experience by streamlining workflow and access management, and better handle the load of terabytes of construction project data (data that must be available for records retention purposes for 50 years or more). The finance division also wanted to determine if traditional and alternative construction projects could be managed and tracked in the same systems.

The Solution

The IT division commissioned an assessment to answer these questions and determine a plan for how to implement. Loblolly performed an initial analysis based on the review of comprehensive system documentation, subject-matter expert (SME) interviews, and a thorough fit-gap analysis that compared the current ECM functionality with fields and data managed in current and upcoming agency construction administration systems. This assessment determined if the agency’s systems contained the same functions completely, in part, or required extensive customization/configuration to replicate. The assessment also provided a vision for functional integration, and a project roadmap.

The assessment provided a vision for where each module (Procurement, Construction Oversight, Operations, and Maintenance) of the ECM could fit into current agency systems, some of which were being upgraded or newly introduced into the agency. The assessment provided integration objectives, challenges, and recommendations that included potential scheduling to align with the rollout schedules for in-flight implementation projects.

The Team

One Loblolly business analyst compiled and authored the assessment. The agency provided access to system business owners, the finance division’s Subject Matter Experts and stakeholders, IT stakeholders, and the vendor that maintains the current ECM.

The Results

This assessment provided recommendations for migrating each module of the ECM into the agency’s managed enterprise environment. The finance division selected one module implementation to pursue immediately and is migrating the other modules to SharePoint Online to remediate the support problem. The finance division plans to implement a custom web-based front-end over SharePoint Online for this interim solution. The web application will host the workflows and data for the Construction Administration activity.

What's Next

The assessment document provides next steps so that the finance division has the guidance they need to gather requirements and eventually integrate all workflows and data into a new online construction administration product that is being implemented by another division.

Loblolly continues to provide strategic input into the direction of the interim solution and integrated solutions, particularly in balancing the aspirational requirements from the finance division with the maintenance, cost requirements, and technology strategic alignment goals from IT.