Modernizing a Vital Records Registrar

The Client

Large state agency responsible for healthcare and social services record-keeping and providing vital statistics, population records, and healthcare emergency management.

The Problem

The client needed to replace a legacy vital records registrar system to make it more stable and resilient to unplanned down time.

The Solution

Loblolly managed gathering business and system requirements to build a statement of work for a Request for Proposal (RFP) , assisted the client in selecting a vendor, and customized an off-the-shelf product. Loblolly managed the migration of legacy data to the new system and managed the user acceptance testing (UAT) and post go-live issues. Worked with the client to produce dashboards and data visualizations used to evaluate and analyze internal vital statistic data.

The Team

Loblolly Staff Role: Project Manager, Business Analyst, Tableau Developers, Quality Assurance Analyst

Client Staff Roles: Provided Subject Matter Expertise for business and technical questions and support.  Provided technical support for network engineering, database administration, and systems analyst.

Vendor Role: Provided the customized off-the-shelf product, customized it according to the business and system requirements, and addressed the defects discovered in the testing phase and post go-live deployment.

The Results

Loblolly successfully helped replace the legacy system with a more up-to-date system that is more stable and resilient to unplanned outages.  Loblolly assisted the client with migrating legacy data to the new system, tested and managed the deployment of that system, and created data visualization dashboards for the client.

What's Next

Our next project goal is the business and data transformation of the new system. During this project our staff will be responsible for the business and data requirements along with the data migration and data quality testing to integrate with a vendor who was hired to develop, deploy, and maintain the system.