Modernizing Immunization Tracking System

The Client

Large state agency responsible for healthcare and social services record-keeping and providing vital statistics, population records, and healthcare emergency management

The Problem

The client needed to replace a legacy reporting and tracking system with a modern application and needed assistance in determining the best solution via an assessment of the key functionality of the existing systems and identifying the gaps that needed to be addressed with a new system.

The Solution

Loblolly staff conducted a business and technical assessment to determine the suitability of replacing the current internal immunization tracking system with the registration tracking system already being used by other business units within the client. The project scope included:

Business Process Mapping Packet

Loblolly conducted formal business process mapping activities, including facilitated sessions with program and technical stakeholders:

  • Defined the agency’s business objectives
  • Documented pain points with the current system
  • Identified key legislative initiatives that would impact immunization registration and data sharing operations
  • Researched CDC standards for immunization tracking standards
  • Documented current As-Is state of 14 key immunization program business processes.
  • Analyzed current process and technology to identify gaps between the As-Is state and the desired state and identified several opportunities for improvement that could be gained through business process improvement and technology modernization.
  • Created high level To-Be Business Processes to capture the Agency’s vision for modernized system.


Business Requirements

Using the Business Process Mapping Packet as a starting point, Loblolly conducted facilitated sessions with Program Stakeholders to gather, elicit and validate functional requirements for each of the To Be 14 key immunization processes. The Loblolly team worked with technical staff to identify the non-functional requirements for a modernized immunization system.


Evaluation of the Existing Registration Tracking System

Loblolly evaluated two solution options for modernizing the current internal immunization tracking system:

  1. Build a new customized immunization tracking system
  2. Replace the current immunization tracking system with a commercial off-the-shelf general registration software application.

Loblolly assessed the general registration tracking system to understand its functionality, features, limitations and technology platform. Loblolly also contacted existing customers that had implemented the software for similar applications. The discussions focused on the pros and cons of using the registration system to manage the immunization registry process.


Gap Analysis

Loblolly performed a formal gap analysis to determine the suitability of the registration tracking system as the replacement system by evaluating how well it met the agency’s functional and non-functional requirements. Loblolly used a comprehensive evaluation matrix to rate Maven’s ability to meet each requirement in one of the following categories:

  • out-of-the box functionality
  • configurable
  • achievable through customization
  • not achievable

Loblolly performed a detailed gap analysis between the registration tracking system capabilities and CDC and MIROW (Modeling of Immunization Registry Operations Workgroup) standards to determine if the system could support the agency’s desires to achieve immunization registry best practices.


Formal Assessment and Recommendation for Executive Management

Loblolly formally documented all the assessment findings in a comprehensive document to support a recommendation for whether or not to implement the registration tracking system. Loblolly also prepared a presentation of the assessment to present the document and its findings to executive management.

The Team

Loblolly Staff Roles: Project Manager, Solutions Architect, Systems Analysts, Business Analysts

Client Staff Roles: Subject Matter Expertise for business and technical questions and support

The Results

Loblolly was able to help executive management determine if the general-purpose registration tracking system was a suitable replacement system for the outdated internal immunization tracking system by providing unbiased information that was thorough, accurate, defensible, actionable and well-documented to enable the executive management team to make an informed decision.