Information Management

State agencies are more pressed than ever to find new ways to improve and report on their performance and outcomes. Guided by their missions, agencies have an imperative to optimize services and programs for Texans while demonstrating good governance.

In this climate of “do more with less,” agencies must prioritize programs, measure progress, and report results. Armed with high quality information, agency leaders can make effective strategic decisions and select the tools, processes, and organizational support structures required to respond appropriately to changing conditions.

Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) moves beyond basic analytics to a more pervasive approach, helping agencies and departments unite data silos to provide broad-based access to consistent information for decision-makers to:

  • Understand past, current, and future performance
  • Analyze the results of spending
  • Model the outcome of future spending and programs
  • Find efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Define key priorities from top to bottom
  • Measure progress towards goals
  • Communicate results to legislators, oversight bodies, and citizens

Loblolly has a successful track record of helping agencies bring EIM to life. From developing the business justification necessary to gain support and funding for an EIM initiative to devising a realistic implementation plan and successfully managing the development and deployment of new capabilities, Loblolly assists clients through each step of the project lifecycle. We are committed to understanding program goals, analyzing the data capabilities that exist, and working through business and technology issues to provide business intelligence (BI) in a way that supports enterprise decision making.