IT Service Operation Support

The Client

A state agency responsible for managing state lands, helping its citizens recover from natural disasters, providing benefits to its veterans, and managing its vast coastlines.

The Problem

The client had to respond to a natural disaster and required assistance in creating an information technology (IT) support service that can continually adapt to the client’s changing needs.

The Solution

Loblolly implemented a new cloud strategy and infrastructure along with related program operational support processes.

The project scope was delivered in three phases:

  • Phase 1 – assess and evaluate infrastructure, systems, processes, resources, services and needs
  • Phase 2 – implement new cloud infrastructure, migrate systems and data and support staff and systems
  • Phase 3 – manage and maintain systems; evaluate and implement ongoing needs based on business program changes

The Team

Loblolly Staff Roles: Project manager, Cloud administrators, SharePoint architect, security engineers, desktop support

Client Staff Roles: Provided Subject Matter Expertise for business and technical questions and support. Provided technical support for desktop support, network engineering, database administration, security analyst and systems analyst.

The Results

By Phase:

  • Phase 1 – Assessment
    • Loblolly assessed and evaluated the infrastructure, systems, processes, resources, services and needs, and provided the client with specifications and a road map to accomplish this goal.
  • Phase 2 – Implementation
    • Loblolly implemented the new cloud infrastructure, migrated the systems and data to that new infrastructure, and created the structure needed to support the client staff and their systems.
  • Phase 3 – Maintenance
    • Loblolly continues to manage and maintain the client systems and to evaluate and implement on-going needs based on business program changes.

What's Next

The first two phases are complete and achieved the objectives defined by the client. The third phase is on-going, and Loblolly is adapting the business program changes and implementing solutions to adjust to those changes.