Staff Augmentation (ITSAC)

Loblolly Consulting, a Texas Certified HUB, is pleased to be one of the vendors selected to contract with the State of Texas through the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) to provide Information Technology Staff Augmentation services (Contract No. DIR-TSO-3510).

ITSAC provides for temporary IT staffing augmentation services on a time (hourly) basis. Contracted staff renders services and are paid on an hourly basis.  ITSAC is a DIR Cooperative Contract.

IT Staffing Services contracts do not provide for deliverables-based, outsourced systems integration, or application development projects, requiring acceptance of Statement of Work and authorization for payment of milestone tasks. Agencies should proceed with those procurements through DIR’s Deliverables-Based IT Services contracts.

Services and Pricing Offered

Under the ITSAC contract, Loblolly offers these services to all DIR customers.

  Programmer/Developer Analyst
Developer Analyst 1
Developer Analyst 2$85.98$96.52
Developer Analyst 3$104.21$100.40$113.53
Developer 2$83.75$94.26
Developer 3$99.00$97.25$109.39
  Software Test Analyst
Software Test Analyst 1
Software Test Analyst 2$71.07$82.57
Software Test Analyst 3$76.46$81.99$96.43
  Technical Writer
Technical Writer 2
Technical Writer 3$69.01$76.10
  Business Analyst
Business Analyst 1
Business Analyst 2$85.10$87.06$90.01
Business Analyst 3$105.94$105.94$106.02
  System Analyst
System Analyst 1
System Analyst 2$87.03$95.50
System Analyst 3$88.43$102.47$106.40
  Database Architect
Database Architect 1
Database Architect 2$93.42$95.23$97.31
Database Architect 3$121.58$130.26$130.26
  Data Warehouse Architect
Data Warehouse Architect 1$88.23$88.58$88.58
Data Warehouse Architect 2$96.88$97.26$101.25
Data Warehouse Architect 3$118.10$118.10$118.44
  Database Administrator
Database Administrator 1
Database Administrator 2$93.61$101.54
Database Administrator 3$102.47$116.37$118.72
  Enterprise Architect
Enterprise Architect 1$128.52$130.04$143.75
Enterprise Architect 2$154.58$168.47$167.51
  Project Manager
Project Manager 1$96.73$105.63
Project Manager 2$103.67$116.33$125.20
  Project Lead
Project Lead 1$87.16$94.07
Project Lead 2$95.42$108.37$116.95
  Network Engineer
Network Engineer 1
Network Engineer 2$113.31$123.18
Network Administrator
Network Administrator 1$57.67
Network Administrator 2$76.42
Network Administrator 3$82.15$90.78
Security Analyst
Security Analyst 1$99.99$111.48
Security Analyst 2$100.51$113.22$126.76
Security Engineer
Security Engineer$105.78$119.46$135.03
Security Architect
Security Architect$128.25$161.97$161.97
Organizational Change Management/OCM Analyst
OCM Analyst 1$90.31$90.31$90.31
OCM Analyst 2$119.84$119.84$119.84
Information Technology Communication Coordinators
IT Communications Coordinator 1
IT Communications Coordinator 2$81.63$81.63$81.63
IT End Users Training
End User Trainer 1$76.42$76.42$76.42
End User Trainer 2$100.73$100.73$100.73
IT Contract Manager
IT Contract Manager 1
IT Contract Manager 2$118.10$118.10$118.10


How to Contract (obtain a Quote and issue a PO)

Contract No. DIR-TSO-3510

For Quotes, Purchase Orders and Warranty Information please contact:
Loblolly Consulting
Mo Goyal (
1600 W. 38th, Suite 322, Austin, TX 78731
phone – 512.217.8318
fax – 512.320.8584

Vendor ID: 1205158007900
HUB Number: 48032

Services available under this Contract are limited to the staff augmentation services provided on a time and hourly basis. This Contract is part of the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) Cooperative Contracts Program.

Quote / Purchase Order Issuance

A. A Client emails their IT Staffing requirements to Loblolly.

B. The description of services should list job duties, submittal deadline, point of contact and any other required materials and/or preferences.

C. Loblolly will follow up immediately if need clarification on the job order.

D. The Client will evaluate resumes and schedule interviews for selected candidates.

E. The Client makes a selection and sends a PO with our DIR contract number to Loblolly.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us.

DIR information on ordering